Tena Innovation

Integrating Customer
Insights into product

TENA® Protective Underwear Classic

  • TENA Classic Protective Underwear replaces TENA Regular Protective Underwear and is now more discrete supporting individual needs and dignity

TENA® Protective Underwear Plus

  • Softer, thinner and easier to apply
  • Even more comfortable: with a body-close fit*
  • Skin Health: Drier and softer surface
  • High Security: Double leakage barriers and a cup-shaped core

TENA® Protective Underwear Extra

  • Re-designed core: effectively channels fluids into the absorbing core
  • Soft shell for enhanced comfort
  • New leg opening design for better fit & ease of use
  • Improved barrier system for maintained leakage security

TENA® Stretch Ultra & Stretch Super Briefs

  • New product design for easy product identification
  • New printed backsheet makes product selection easy and accurate, along with a scannable barcode to support care efficiencies and stock management

TENA® MEN™ & TENA® MEN™ Underwear

  • New look designed specifically for MEN

*Compared to current TENA® Protective Underwear Plus