TENA Portraits™

At SCA, we believe that great care care is built on partnerships. As a world leader in continence management, SCA develops innovative environmentally-sustainable solutions and products to:

  • Improve quality of life and well being of incontinent residents
  • Improve the working environment and productivity of caregivers

SCA, with our leading brand TENA®, is ready to stand by your side, enabling you to deliver the best and most compassionate care for every individual.

Continence Product Selection with Individualized Care

TENA Portraits™ is a more efficient, self-directed product selection solution designed with individualized care in mind. With SCA's TENA Portraits™ web-based tool, you are able to identify the continence care product needs of your residents based on 5 key areas:

  • Cognitive status
  • Mobility
  • ADL's
  • Transferring ability
  • Level of incontinences
Picture of a nursing home emlpoyee

Environmentally Friendly and More Efficient Records

Web-based accessibility enables ‘paperless’ documentation. Reports can be saved directly to records.

Drop down menus make it fast and easy to complete. TENA Portraits™ identifies the most appropriate product for each individual and enables you to run individual and full home reports.

There are four types of reports:

  • Individual report - contains the specific information that you submitted. This is a pdf and can be saved to the care plan
  • All Resident report - contains all the residents within the facility
  • Facility report - contains the demographics of all residents
  • Facility Product report - contains current product versus recommended product